Types of Train Station along the Radbahn Route

Berlin has several different types of railway stations with varying entrances and exits, which makes its urban spaces more diverse. The Radbahn celebrates this diversity and has been adapted to suit the different types of stations.

As with the issues related to the inclusion of a tram, the question arises of whether the conflicts related to traffic and the encounters with the passengers can be adapted in a barrier-free and convenient manner. Depending on space and the location of the train (either above or below ground, in the middle of the road area or on the side), access and exits to the station are also varied. Existing varieties include:
a) a common wide stairway/elevators in the middle of the road, or
b) separate stairs/elevators in the middle or on the side of the road.

The Radbahn must therefore be positioned in such a way that conflict can be avoided in the direct vicinity of entrances/exits. Paths in which bicycle traffic and pedestrians move side by side are not uncommon in Berlin. At many intersections, pedestrian and bicycle paths are directly next to each other, especially at traffic lights. The areas to wait for traffic lights to change also often intertwine. In terms of pedestrian safety, it is much more important to separate pedestrians from fast-moving cars and trucks than from cyclists.