Cost Estimate

Arup Deutschland GmbH

Cost Analysis Example

Our partner Arup is a renowned international engineering consultancy with extensive experience in large, city-wide infrastructure projects. Arup prepared the following table of costs based on predefined technical assumptions. In this phase of the project, such an investigation is essentially based on general assumptions and standardized key figures, which must be verified later when the initial draft is drawn up. The key figures underlying the cost analysis are based on empirical data. The actual costs will depend heavily on the execution standard, desired level of quality and general market conditions – and can therefore vary greatly.

Disclaimer: The information in the cost estimate is dependent on external factors that cannot be taken into consideration at this stage. For example, Arup did not contact the local authorities to evaluate assumptions in relation to permits. The supply infrastructure was not closely examined. Evaluations of documentation and expert reports were expressly not undertaken. No results from expert reports or studies were included in the calculation.

The table of costs illustrates two scenarios. The first refers to the functional activation of the entire route. It aims to show the minimum measures required to convert the route into a continuous bike path. The ‘enhanced’ version additionally provides space for experimentation, the incubation of innovative ideas and will act as a real life lab for testing and improving the Radbahn. These enhancements can be added to the basic version, selectively expanded and incorporate the bicycle bridge, for example. A strategy for this process must be developed and substantiated in the next stage of the project (e.g. a feasibility study).

Szenario 1:

Funktionale Aktivierung der
Streckemit geringem Aufwand

Szenario 2:

Variante mit gehobenem Standard
bzw. Innovationsanspruch