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The team behind the Radbahn formed a registered nonprofit association called paper planes e.V. in summer 2016. Our goal is to research innovative social and technological concepts that make urban spaces more people-oriented and environmentally friendly for more livable cities.

We believe that increasing urbanization brings with it great opportunities. If we manage to make the right investments in our cities, it will not only be possible to make our everyday environment more livable, but we can also tackle today’s major global challenges.

Our ‘paper planes’ are designed to inspire as many people as possible about the exciting opportunities of tomorrow. To make it happen, we develop concrete concepts, carry out comprehensive project planning and promote our ideas with convincing communication.

paper planes e.V. Team

Matthias Heskamp (Architect) is a force to be reckoned with. He studied under Pritzker prize-winning architect Álvaro Siza for 10 years in Porto and has led projects for David Chipperfield Architects in Berlin. As the head of the association, he dedicates himself full-time to paper planes e.V. Heskamp is a conceptual mastermind, coordinator and spokesperson all rolled into one.

Max Hoor (Human Geographer) is a research assistant in integrated transport planning at the Technical University of Berlin. He is also completing a PhD in urban cycling cultures and their political influence. He takes care of the social science questions associated with the Radbahn, actively seeks new partners for the project and co-ordinates fundraising.

Kristin Karig (Architect) worked as an urban planner and architect in her home town of Puebla in Mexico. In 2012 she was snapped up by an internationally renowned architecture firm in Berlin. Her practical experience in the activation of city spaces and her research expertise make her a valued member of paper planes e.V.

Nicolas Kasang (Urban Planner) is from the USA and after he finished his studies in Frankfurt am Main began working for the local environmental agency and later for BuroHappold Engineering in Berlin. Now he’s back in Frankfurt, where he dedicates his time to supporting improved collaboration for international aid projects and paper planes e.V.

Giulia Maniscalco (Architect) is a qualified architect who began her career as a journalist, writing articles about urban development and the social aspects of architecture for publications such as Arch+ magazine. The Italian with a keen eye for aesthetics now works in her original profession and advises paper planes e.V. on matters of design.

Perttu Ratilainen (MSc International Business) worked for a Fortune 500 company in Scandinavia for 11 years before leaving his leadership role in Public Relations to move to Berlin in 2014. paper planes e.V. benefits from his wealth of experience in marketing, financing and business development.

Stefano Tiracchia (Architect) is fascinated by the process of turning theory into practice. He recently guided a new building project through every single stage of development – from the initial draft through to the site management. His energy and enthusiasm spurs the entire team on to ever greater heights.

Simon Wöhr (Cultural Manager) has been a founding member of numerous urban development projects and bottom-up initiatives in Berlin, including Holzmarkt, Make City and the Haus der Statistik initiative. He always keeps the bigger picture in sight and is a valuable sparring partner during the project development at paper planes e.V.

How can you be a part of making Radbahn a reality?

Radbahn is a concept developed by a registered charitable association called paper planes e.V. and its eight founding members. The work done by these eight Berliners - in co-operation with an active group of volunteers - turned Radbahn from a vision into a solid, realistic project. This team produced a 140-page long book proving that Radbahn is indeed very feasible to build. Now the people behind paper planes e.V. are engaging with decision makers, current and future partners and other coalition members to ensure that Radbahn will indeed be build in the near future.

Everyone can support this work by giving a donation to paper planes e.V. or by buying the Radbahn-book. We are very grateful also for non-financial support: talk about the project with people you know, share our news in social media and subscribe our newsletter!

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