Berlin is a city of creativity. Such creativity is a significant opportunity to improve the quality of life in our city. In order to make Berlin more liveable - and thus healthier, more accessible and more environmentally friendly - we need good ideas, especially related to mobility. Mobility will only change, however, if support from the population is gained. It is accordingly necessary that Berliners realize that a different mobility policy will make their environment more beautiful and likewise allow them to move more easily through the city.

The developers of the Radbahn idea have inspired many people with their pictures. Their idea improves conditions for cycling while simultaneously increasing the public realm and opportunities for social interaction and recreational. This idea shows how exciting Berlin can be.

The implementation of the Radbahn in its suggested location will not be easy; this is something all parties are aware of. But it must be possible to discuss daring ideas in Berlin: daring ideas deserve the right to gather support and be implemented, if sufficient support is attained. The potential assessment presented with this study is a good example of how the involvement of citizens and experts can coalesce productively with administration and politics. The current government has decided to invest heavily in cycling. In addition to a major improvement in infrastructure, we also want to forward special projects with national and international relevance. Even though we know that they can not be realized tomorrow, we need these bright lights to advance the debate about an even more livable city.

Jens-Holger Kirchner, State Secretary of the Berlin Senate, Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection
May 2017