What Is a Reallabor?

A Reallabor or ‘real-world lab’ describes a research method that involves practical tests of new, innovative ideas in public spaces.

Goal of the "Reallabor"

The aim is to critically assess the original concept of Radbahn, to develop it further and ultimately to come up with a decision-making basis for th entire Radbahn route.

Reallabor Radbahn

An urban dream is becoming reality

In 2019, the Radbahn vision turned into a feasible pilot project: Reallabor Radbahn. The purpose of the project is to critically review and further develop the original Radbahn concept and to establish a basis for decision-making regarding the construction of the entire Radbahn route.

National Project of Urban Development

Together with the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, paper planes applied for funding through the federal program National Projects of Urban Development. The program supports conceptual and physical projects that demonstrate particularly high urban development quality, promote participation processes and show great innovation potential. The application was successful, as a result of which the federal government and the state of Berlin are funding the Reallabor Radbahn until the end of 2023.

The Three Pillars of Reallabor Radbahn

Handskizze davon, wie das Testfeld des Reallabor Radbahn aussehen könnte. Auf dem Bild ist neben dem Radweg in Mittellage eine mobile Fsahrradwerkstatt zu sehen, an der ein mann sein Fahrrad pflegt, und außerdem ein Drive-In-Café, wo sich Fahrradfahrende mit einem Getränk versorgen, ohne vom Fahrrad absteigen zu müssen.

Constructional Prototype

Through the construction of a test site, we will present the overall Radbahn concept to Berliners and the City of Berlin on a small scale and in a real urban space. The test site will be used to evaluate a bike lane in the middle of the road, including on- and off-ramps as well as a crossing in flowing urban traffic. Here, street space and public space will be presented as a ‘design surface’ to let people feel and experience how their quality of life would be improved by structural changes in the urban space.

More about the test site

Stadtplan, der in Vogelperspektive den Bereich der Radbahn vom Kottbusser Tor zum Görlitzer Bahnhof zeigt. Hier wird sich das zukünftige Testfeld verorten.

Scientific Supervision

Together with spatial planners and traffic planners, various studies will be conducted to examine the potential and risks of redesigning of the area under the viaduct. All project findings and results will be compiled in a final report, which will serve as a list of criteria for how the remaining nine kilometers of the Radbahn, as well as similar projects in other communities, can be achieved.

Learn about the scientific studies

Menschen sitzen auf Stufen im Gleisdreieck-Park und reden.

Public Discourse and Dialogue

Citizen participation—together with communication and public relations—is an essential part of Reallabor Radbahn. The project’s approach is driven by the idea that making cities should be a collaborative effort. Through workshop formats, events, and ongoing opportunities for conversations and discussions, Reallabor Radbahn creates an accessible urban space that is inspired and cultivated by the community that uses it.

More about participation

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