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Radbahn Aktuell: three videos about the current status!

We want to create a small section of Radbahn, and we want to do it here under the U1 in Kreuzberg in the center of Berlin.

And we want to use this showcase, or “Testfeld” like we say in german, to experiment different elements of Radbahn including for example the pavement, lights, vegetation and mobility innovation just to name a very few. And we want to invite the whole world to feel and experiment and see how Radbahn would feel and look like one day.

The showcase will be an invitation, a platform for everyone to enjoy urban living. A bit like a festival in the city center.

We already have the support of the district of Kreuzberg as well as the senate of Berlin to make this happen. And we are currently in the process of checking different funding options.

In the future we will also ask Berliners to be a part of this!

The city of Berlin will officially study feasibility of Radbahn in the section from Schlesisches Tor to Kottbusser Tor.

This is the first important step towards possible realization of the project.

We are very excited about the outcome and look forward to continuing our cooperation with the Senate.

I am not sure what we would have said if someone asked us three years ago if this is possible.

A feasibility study is essentially used to prove the realization potential of a project. In our case it means the study will examine whether Radbahn is feasible from traffic engineering point of view, how to handle certain situations – such as intersections and metro stations – and how much this all would cost.

At the moment there is not that much of Radbahn to be seen, but in reality there has been a lot of activity in the background.

One could even say it has been more lively than ever before. Radbahn has become a favourite child of Berlin politicians.

The idea is diverse: Radbahn is not only about cycling, it rather plays with the space under U1. It could be a green artery with exciting space for culture, sustainable mobility, solar energy - as well as for safe cycling.

Enormous thank you for those almost one thousand crowdfunding supporters who made this book possible. We have now handed over the book to politicians and certainly got amazing and good feedback from them.

Our concept:

Radbahn will transform the forgotten space along Berlin’s famous U1 elevated subway line into a major urban thoroughfare and create a space for contemporary mobility, innovation and leisure.

A Roof over our Heads

Having a roof over your head is a basic human necessity, which is possibly why the Radbahn concept triggered such passionate responses.

A roof provides shelter, a home and a sense of security – however in this particular case no privacy, as Radbahn users will always be interacting their their surroundings. In the middle of the road, always illuminated, always visible, the Radbahn is more than just a bicycle highway.

It is a stage, a place for encounters, interaction and social life. A shared roof for all the city’s residents.

On Hallesches Ufer, 1928 Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 > Nr. 000615 / Photographer: Willy Pragher

A journey from Zoo to Oberbaumbrücke

Radbahn runs through a city that is constantly changing. It is therefore logical that a number of urban spaces can be found on both sides of the route: places of daily chaos, rest, and deceleration; tight spaces and those that are generously laid out; places of concrete or idyllic city nature.

With the Radbahn concept, we take these qualities and transfer them to the future. In seven sections we show and formulate what we consider desirable for our city and its inhabitants. It is a vision in which there is a lot of love for the individual spaces. We believe that the Radbahn can help to promote positive development in these and adjoining urban areas.

Radbahn is not a motorway for cyclists, but a trip along and under Berlin's first rail line. We do not abide by the stress of the big city, but rather drive relaxed and look around.

Let's go!

How can you be a part of making Radbahn a reality?

Radbahn is a concept developed by a registered charitable association called paper planes e.V. and its eight founding members. The work done by these eight Berliners - in co-operation with an active group of volunteers - turned Radbahn from a vision into a solid, realistic project. This team produced a 140-page long book proving that Radbahn is indeed very feasible to build. Now the people behind paper planes e.V. are engaging with decision makers, current and future partners and other coalition members to ensure that Radbahn will indeed be build in the near future.

Everyone can support this work by giving a donation to paper planes e.V. or by buying the Radbahn-book. We are very grateful also for non-financial support: talk about the project with people you know, share our news in social media and subscribe our newsletter!

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